Do you have the accounting resources and expertise needed to operate as an Academy?

EBM’s accounting support service is aimed at supporting existing business and finance managers in meeting the reporting and financial governance standards required for operating as an academy

Accounting support to academies

Academies must comply with the high standards of financial governance set in The Academies Financial Handbook and Accounts Directions. The form of the accounts, as set out in the Academies Accounts Direction, can seem complex if you are not familiar with charity accounts.

Experience tells us that the finance teams in academies require access to accounting support throughout the financial year to help them navigate and understand the accounting and reporting requirements for academies.

Our service is designed to work alongside your team to give the necessary support:

  • Access to an accounting support helpline
  • Support with month-end procedures
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Year-end accounting support
  • preparation of working papers
  • preparation of financial statements in statutory format
  • Training for your team

Wider accounting services available to academies

We provide a wide range of other support, drawing on our access to a dedicated team of professionals working in the education sector. These services will be tailored to your needs:

Financial planning

  • Long term financial planning
  • Budget setting
  • EFA budget returns
  • Cash flow forecasting

Financial control

  • Payroll input or checks
  • Bank or other control account reconciliations
  • VAT claims


  • Business case/applications for capital grants
  • Creation of fixed asset register

Financial systems

  • Systems selection
  • Implementation support
  • Development of financial regulations
  • Finance manual/control procedures

Value for money reviews

  • Benchmarking exercises
  • Contract reviews
  • Procurement/market testing of goods and services

Taxation Services

  • VAT registration reviews/partial exemption advice
  • Direct tax advice
  • Establishment of trading subsidiaries
  • Gift aid
  • PAYE reviews/health checks

Why choose EBM?

EBM, through our team members significant experience and previous working with PKF and BDO is one of the UK’s leading groups of advisers to the education sector.

EBM has well developed links with the DfE in relation to MATs, Academies and Free Schools.

Our dedicated education consultants have a successful track record of delivering more than 200 Academies and Free Schools across the country; many of them of a complex nature in short timescales.

Our extensive track record has ensured that we are the team of choice for a number of multi-sponsor organisations throughout the country.

Why should academies choose EBM?

  • Professional support from accountants and business advisers with in-depth knowledge of the education sector
  • Flexible support which can be scaled up or down when you need it
  • Specialist support in areas including financial planning, controls, systems selection, value for money reviews and taxation

Our aim is to provide service excellence combined with affordability.

Our Academy & Free School services at a glance


Project Management

Consultation Planning & Support


HR & Payroll

Pupil Demand Assessment


Strategic Planning

Business Planning



Financial Planning

Budget Setting

Financial Visibility Reviews

Review of Contracts and SLSs

Accounting Ploicies

Budget Setting

Financial Governance Training

Financial Systems Procurement & Implementation Support

Organisation of the Finance Function


Education Vision and Successful Transformation

Education Brief

Education Health Check

CPD Programmes

Curriculum Design

School Improvement

Policies and Processes

Accommodation Strategy

Staffing and Recruitment


Project Management

Building Management

Facilities Management

Condition Surveys

Grant Application (inc ACMF)

Property and Ground Maintenance 

Strategic Development – Supporting Transformational Learning

Infrastructure and Network Design

Cl;oud Based Services