Services to Multi Academy Trusts

Are you setting-up or growing a Multi Academy Trust?

  • Are you clear as to the benefits you are looking to achieve through a MAT?
  • Do you have the robust governance and operational structure that will enable you to build on firm foundations?
  • Which central services should you provide in the MAT and which should remain at school level?
  • What services should be provided at MAT level and how do you charge for these central services?

How we can help

EBM can help you to develop a strategy and business plan for your MAT and the organisational and governance structure to support this. We also provide practical help in all aspects setting-up or enlarging your MAT.

Establishing the MAT

Our team will work with you through facilitated workshops to develop:

  • a vision, aims and objectives;
  • a scheme of delegation and a governance structure; and
  • An accountability structure including KPIs, reporting and review procedures

We can support you in developing a strategy and a business plan that includes financial projections for varying growth scenarios.

We advise on which services should be centralised and the development of service specifications and service charges for these.

We offer support with procurement of finance systems and professional services (e.g. HR, payroll, accounting and legal services).

Advise on the recruitment of a business manager and ensure the right financial controls and assurance processes are in place, including external audit, Internal audit and risk management.

Growing the MAT

When you add schools to the MAT we can help you to identify the potential risks prior to the conversion process – in particular testing financial viability.

We offer a comprehensive project management service for the conversion process including support with the stakeholder consultation.

We work closely with your lawyers and add our commercial expertise, liaising with DfE, EFA, LA and other third parties to achieve deadlines and necessary sign offs.

Our team includes qualified and experienced accountants to work alongside your Business Manager to prepare the budget and implement MAT financial systems and processes.

Why choose EBM?

EBM, through its significant experience and previous working links with PKF and BDO, is one of the UK’s leading groups of advisers to the education sector.

EBM has well developed links with the DfE in relation to MATs, Academies and Free Schools.

Our dedicated education consultants have a successful track record of delivering more than 200 Academies and Free Schools, many of them complex in nature and to short timescales. Our extensive track record has ensured that we are the team of choice for a number of multi- sponsor organisations throughout the country.

Why choose our services to MATs?

  • Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience of academies and free schools
  • We offer a full range of services from strategic advice to operational support
  • As a professional business services firm we are able to draw on a range of professionals to advise you, including auditors, accountants, tax experts
  • Our aim is to provide service excellence at realistic rates.