About us

Our story

Born out of PKF and BDO (Accountants and Business Advisers), Education Business Management (EBM) is a group of highly experienced business and project management professionals who specialise in the provision of services to the Schools and Academies Sector.

We are highly qualified hands on practitioners with a deep understanding of the practical business challenges faced by Primary and Secondary Schools, Academies, Free Schools, University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and Studio Schools.

Our experience is built on some eight years work as part of the DfE Academies Programme, the conversion to Academy status in all its forms, of over 200 school and the ongoing provision of strategic advice, guidance and support to a number of individual Academies and Multi Academy Trusts and Sponsors throughout the country.

Working with EBM you will benefit from an integrated approach that links premium Business, Financial, Legal, Education, Property and IT services with a truly holistic understanding of your service requirements. In doing so we guarantee we will:


Our values

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We take responsibility for the outcomes you entrust to us, show respect for your vision and are fully engaged with delivering positive outcomes for young people and families.


Our team is committed to open communications that respect everyone with whom we work.


We use our professional experience and build in success by engineering out common errors and managing risk.

Strategic Alignment

We know that successful organisations are “holistic systems” where staff work collaboratively to promote and deliver the vision. Our overarching objective is to achieve that balance for the organisation and its employees.

Practical Innovation

We consistently seek to deliver creative solutions through an approach that is both inquisitive and inventive.


We work in partnership and are committed to helping you deliver your vision and goals.

Rigour and Depth

We deploy resources to achieve thoughtful, comprehensive and sophisticated solutions that are accurate, dependable and legally compliant.


Our team members always deliver services in a caring and individualised way, acknowledging cultural and spiritual differences.

Our partners