Organisational Resilience

Anticipating change, risk and opportunity with readiness

What is ‘organisational resilience’?

4 stage framework (BSI, in response to covid)

  • SURVIVE – getting to a relative place of safety (together)
  • STABILISE – maintaining (safety, security and wellbeing)
  • REBUILD – setting a revised course for the next “normal”
  • RESILIENCE – Forward planning to achieve a secure future

Why is resilience important for trusts?

Trusts are under

  • DfE pressure to grow or merge
  • DfE pressure to improve standards
  • Financial pressure to do more with less
  • ESFA regulatory scrutiny

Drop-in surgeries

  • 20 minute individual slot on any issue/query, e.g.
  • Governance and compliance
  • Staff and HR
  • Admissions and exclusions
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Growth and significant changes