Adrian Leggett


An experienced Management Consultant with specialisations in Academy and Free School projects as well as the Local Government modernisation and efficiency agendas. My clients have included a wide range of local authorities and central government departments and Academy Sponsors and Multi-Academy Trusts.

I have delivered some of the most complex and challenging Academy projects in DfE history, including 5 Free School Projects, 15 Sponsored Academies and over 40-50 Academy conversions, including the establishment of Multi-Academy and Umbrella Academy Trusts.

I have skills and experience in project management, transformation, management reviews, performance management, strategy development, change management, problem diagnosis and problem solving across Finance, Education, Environmental Services, Highways, Transport, Planning and many other service areas.

I am committed to the public sector and have worked for over 20 years to improve services to the end user as both a consultant and local government officer. I seek to deliver assignments which exceed client expectations in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.